Sunday, February 3, 2013


I once met a man, not my husband, another man. He looked back on a life. What will you take with you into the dark? For me, I'll take the smell of a pearl shell, freshly opened, one late day on a beach."

This whispered voice-over sets the perfect mood for "In A Savage Land", a richly satisfying and haunting movie filmed in the Trobriand Islands of Papua New Guinea.

It's a little like opening the cover of an adventure book, and tumbling down the rapids of life into a dangerous, uncertain world saturated with colour and contradictions. The story engages, the images stimulate the senses and our imagination is let loose. Set on a tentative backdrop of impending war, "In A Savage Land" is more than an adventure story. A genuine intrigue of another world and another time, it is an absorbing exploration of culture, taboos, traditions and superstitions.

The memories of this movie will linger. And so will your memories of VILLA MAMANA on tropical Telekivava'u.

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