Thursday, February 7, 2013

It is easy to fall under the spell of islands. They possess powers to heal us when our spirits seem frayed and our bodies feel battered. We dream of their slower pace of life, seek their simplicity, and covet their protective surrounding waters which isolate us from the frenzy of "mainland mania". Islands welcome us with fresh clean air, liberate our souls with their insouciance, entice us to think differently. They whisper lessons to us - to slow down, to rest, to rediscover ourselves."

So reads the introduction to the book "Island Wise - Lessons in Living from the Islands of the World" by Janis Frawley-Holler.

Read the book, then take your very best fantasy about a pristine South Pacific island, multiply it by a thousand, and maybe, just maybe, you might come close to envisioning VILLA MAMANA on tropical Telekivava'u.

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